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Just as we can go to the health club to do muscle exercises to improve our body, we can go to the building wealth seminar to improve our finances! Many of our best-known self-help gurus and most successful entrepreneurs, from Napoleon Hill to T Harv Ec10ker to Joseph Murphy, have been telling is the same thing for almost a century:

Your wealth and financial security are not about how smart you are or how hard you work or who you know - it is about your subconscious financial thermostat!

"I went to the Wealth Club...the check was in-hand by Friday!"

I went to the Wealth Club Wednesday night and Brent helped us re-set our ‘prosperity thermostats.’ The next morning I got an urgent call for a job that had previously ‘gone away.’ Apparently this client suddenly realized that she did in fact need me to work an event that night for $500, which was fedexed to me overnight. The check was in-hand by Friday!.

Heather Burgett

ImageAt the Wealth Club, we leverage the power of the Formula for Miracles® to quickly fix the flaws that keep our subconscious financial thermostat set for a low level of wealth through exercises that help us identify and remove our internal blocks to financial success. These include:

  • The story of how the Formula for Miracles® was developed, and how Brent Phillips experienced a miracle from energy healing using a conscious Theta brainwave. How to do muscle testing exercises, such as the standing method, to directly check what we are holding in our subconscious mind
  • Exercises to help identify the core issues underlying our challenges in attracting and building wealth
  • Group healing led by Brent Phillips to clear the subconscious blocks to wealth and prosperity
  • Guided manifestation to attract new jobs, new clients, and new business opportunities (time allowing)

"I was [at the] World Wide Wealth Club on March 19, 2008 and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life!"

I was [at the] World Wide Wealth Club on March 19, 2008 an d I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life! I had knowledge and understanding of the power of Theta Energy Healing but all I can say is "WOW" Brent is one wonderful healer. Within the time period of the teleseminar Brent was able to reach just as easily into my own beliefs that had been holding me back as if we were having a private session instead of the collective consciousness level of the others participating on line that evening as well. All I can say is it was an awesome experience.

I really want to just say THANK YOU BRENT for allowing me this glimpse into YOUR personal powerful healing abilities. All I know for a fact is that for myself Theta Energy Healing is an incredibly powerful tool for changing attitudes and beliefs and this is indeed a true and real miracle that Creator has brought this knowledge to the forefront for those who have been walking their spiritual path in many modalities for years and though may have had much progress that we get it however have not been able to release all the issues and blocks on a core or cellular level until we have been guided to the answer.

Terri Carrick
Elk Grove, California

What is the World Wide Wealth Club?

The World Wide Wealth Club consists of four independent programs that may be taken in any order; each program focuses on releasing a particular set of subconscious blocks to wealth and prosperity. The first 30 minutes of each program include an introduction to the Formula for Miracles® and exercises to teach all participants how to muscle test themselves; click here to download and listen to the recorded Wealth Club introduction. The last 60 minutes of each program is devoted to using The Formula for Miracles® to clearn the subconscious blocks to prosperity in all participants.

From 2005-2007, the Wealth Club was held as a live event in Los Angeles. Since January 2008, the Wealth Club has moved to a conference call format in order to make this event available to people around the world.

The original version of the Wealth Club consisted of four programs (A, B, C, and D) and were rotated monthly from 2005 through the summer of 2009. Beginning in September 2009, the Wealth Club has been completely redesigned and revised, and now consists of 26 programs, A to Z, designed to clear out the 1001 most common blocks to wealth, success, and prosperity. (Recorded versions of the old Wealth Clubs are available for download as part of the Formula for Miracles® VIP Club.)

Some examples of blocks cleared in the Wealth Club tele-seminars include:

  • Rich people are greedy
  • Rich people only care about money
  • Spirituality is more difficult for rich people
  • If I am a rich person then everyone will want something from me
  • I am not good enough/not worthy/not deserving of being a rich person
  • To get rich I need to use people and take advantage of them
  • I need to be poor to be close to God
  • I am not allowed to rise about my class/caste
  • Vows of poverty
  • It is more enlightened to be poor than to be rich
  • I fear if I have a lot of money I will lose it all
  • I need to follow a work ethic
  • I need to struggle to be close to God
  • I have to work hard to make my parents proud
  • Vows of sacrifice
  • I need to be poor to be creative/a great artist
  • The only way I know how to make money is to work hard
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money corrupts
  • People will only like me for my money
  • Investments are only for people who have a lot of money
  • It's wrong for me to have money when others have so little
  • I need to have a debt to pay off

"I am no longer a hard core blood, sweat and tears Work Puritan. I have become very relaxed and confident in matters relating to making money. "

It was in late November that I did my first Wealth Club Program C- Eliminating Struggle and Sacrifice. It had results that I am still experiencing. The first thing that happened is that someone (a somewhat miserly person) helped me financially to do the Basic Course within 48 hours without my having said anything at all! But the most awesome outcome is that the very next day and every day since then, I have experienced a friendliness from people at work that is incredible. One person has become both friendly and respectful (who has never been either) towards me. Another person who regarded me as her enemy suddenly became very receptive to me and has sought out my opinion for personal and job difficulties. There's others too.

Seven long years of a pretty crummy job environment cleaned up overnight! Overall, this Wealth Club Part C has turned out to be a powerful relationship healer! Apparently, when we harbor beliefs that do not serve us on one level, it sours other aspects of our lives as well. Another great outcome is that I am no longer a hard core blood, sweat and tears Work Puritan. I have become very relaxed and confident in matters relating to making money. It is so intriguing to realize that there is so much more treasure to be uncovered in Theta Energy Healing.

Justine Bateman
Los Angeles, California

Come join us each month at The Wealth Club and clear 1001 blocks to money, wealth, and prosperity!

Register now and turn up YOUR subconscious financial thermostat with 90 minutes of the Formula for Miracles®!

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