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Brent Phillips: An Unlikely Practitioner of Energy Healing

As a scientist, engineer, and computer person, Brent Phillips never thought he'd be a doing anything like energy healing - let alone doing it professionally and teaching others how to do it!

The Early Years

Growing up as a prototypical computer geek with a fascination for technology and electronics, Brent was a natural computer programmer. He excelled in school, especially in science and math, and expected to have a life long career in software engineering.

He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , where he graduated at the top of his class with a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He was in the PhD program at the Laboratory for Computer Science, researching advanced Internet technologies, when the Internet hit the mainstream in the mid 1990s.

The Internet Entrepreneur

Like many of his lab-mates, Brent left his PhD program to found an Internet company. In 1995 he was a founding partner in the Jamison/Gold Interactive Agency, a high-end Web design and consulting firm that did many high profile projects including significant work for the Sony Playstation, Nissan Motors, and Disneyland Web sites.

He also founded the online video game developer Lyra Studios in 1996, where he was the primary designer and architect of the world's very first real-time persistent state 3D massively multiplayer role playing gaming (MMORPG) called Underlight, which ran continuously from 1997 to 2006. Both companies grew and prospered under Brent - that is, until his obsessive and driven work habits caught up with him.

The Crisis

The strain of boot strapping two companies proved to be too much, and after a few years of 100 hour work weeks, Brent was devastated by crippling repetitive stress injuries. He was left unable to work and in constant pain, and was given no real hope of recovery by the doctors.

The inability to work and a dispute with his partners left him nearly broke. He spent several years scraping a living together from part time work and disability payments while immersing himself in every treatment and therapy he could afford to stop the pain, recover his health, and return to work.

The Journey

Over the course of several years he tried all manner of healing techniques, but nothing worked. He started with conventional treatments such as physical therapy and drugs and splints, but after three years of intensive work with the best doctors, he was told he could never recover. He then spent several more years exploring all manners of alternative therapies including homeopathy, herbology, acupuncture and other Chinese medicine treatments, osteopathy, chiropractic, pranic healing, vedic healing, reikki healing, raw food diets, detoxification and cleanses, chi gong, and many different types of body work (massage, rolfing, etc.) and healing devices (including magnets, lasers, sonic stimulators, chi machines, infra red saunas, and many others.)

Nothing made any lasting or measurable difference. In February 2003 he had a surgery that left his right arm frozen completely at the elbow; months of extreme treatments and a second surgery were unsuccessful in freeing his arm.

The Miracle

That's when Brent went to Terry O'Connell, a Theta Healing practitioner. And in his first session with Terry, his frozen arm permanently and instantly healed!

Brent was transformed by this experience of energy healing and holistic therapy - truly a miracle - and dedicated himself to learning the technique.

After much intense training and practice, Brent founded his own healing company in 2004 so he could share the amazing life-transforming power of energy healing with others around the world.  Brent took every Theta Healing training available and was certified Master of Theta Healing, and in 2006 was chosen by Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing, as one of only a handful of select Mentor-Teachers. He has been the top Theta Healing teacher in Los Angeles since 2005, regularly teaches the following Theta Healing seminars: Basic Theta Healing , Advanced Theta Healing , Manifesting and Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy, and Vianna's Rainbow Children and Rainbow Adults workshops.

Decoding "The Formula for Miracles"

While Vianna Stibal's Theta Healing was the first healing technique Brent learned and has been the most influential on his work, he has also studied with and learned from many teachers and healers from many different styles around the world, including Karl Wolfe, Grant McFeteridge, Richart Bartlett, Tilak Fernando, Kam Yuen, and many others. After several years of professional practice and doing many thousands of private sessions, Brent goal was to refine and improve on the "best of the best" techniques he learned or discovered culminating in his development of the Formula for Miracles technology.

One thing that Brent had dreamed about was finding a way to "bottle" the way he did energy healing so it could be mass-produced and distributed widely to benefit many people for an extremely low price. After years of research and experimentation, in 2009 he perfected the Formula for Miracles technology, which is a patent-pending process for creating audio programs that use a combination of binaural beats, muscle testing, and encoded transdimensional healing energy such that these Formula for Miracles encoded audios will actually take your brain to a deep theta state and clear your subconscious blocks just by listening to them!

He has created several breakthrough audio programs using the Formula for Miracles technology, including the best-selling Unleash Your Inner Millionaire program.

He written two books, entitled Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles and Spiritual Weight Loss, and became an #1 Best-Selling author when he co-authored the book Living Proof with Lisa Nichols.

Recognizing that there is no pre-recorded program or book that can possibly address or fix every problem in life, in 2010 Brent created the Formula for Miracles VIP Club with the goal of making it the Web's #1 most powerful and most comprehensive clearinghouse of resources for energy healing, spirituality, and the Law of Attraction. Through the VIP Club he regularly offers live Club events where he answers questions and does group healing on all the problems submitted by members, as well as personally answering private forums every day, offering free sessions to members at least once a month, and creating monthly "special event" packages of articles, videos, and live healing sessions where he helps members solve important problems in their lives.


Brent uses his background and understand of engineering, analysis, and mathematics to help spread awareness and understanding on how people of all walks of life can use energy healing to transform themselves and improve their lives.

Healing is not necessarily a mystical new-age phenomenon. Brent practices and teaches energy healing in a way that is precise, linear, clear, effective, and easily absorbed and processed by the Western mind.

Brent lives in Los Angeles and works with clients and students around the world to share the power of the Formula for Miracles and change lives.

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