You are now on your way to Unleash Your Inner Millionaire!

The Unleash Your Inner Millionaire audio program is in mp3 format. There are two options for downloading it:

Option #1: Download a single ZIP File

Please right click this link and select "Save Link As" to download a single zip file containing all of the files

This is the easiest way to get all the files. If your computer is not already setup to download and uncompress ZIP files, you can download WinZip for free.

Option #2: Download the MP3 files separately

You can also click on the individual links below:

Overview Document

Short Introduction (if you're a Formula for Miracles veteran)

Long Introduction (including full explanation & muscle testing tutorial)

Overview Document

Part 1: Success and Failure

Part 2: Be-Do-Have

Part 3: The Equation of Manifesting

Part 4: Manifesting Do's and Dont's

Program 1: Becoming a Rich Person

Program 2: Releasing Poverty Consciousness

Program 3: Struggle, Sacrifice, and Hard Work

Program 4: The True Nature of Money

Program 5: Common Blocks to Prosperity

As one of the first people to get Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, you also get these great BONUS Programs for free:

Program 6: Trauma Clearing

Program 7: Guided Manifestation

Program 8: Allergy Clearing

Depending on how your computer and Web browser, if you left click the above links, the tracks may begin to play automatically through your Web browser. If this happens and you wish to save the file to your computer, right click on the above links, and select "Save Link As".

If You are using a Mac and have trouble:

If you have QuickTime Pro, there will be a "save as" option right on the player.
But if you don't want to pay for the "Pro" version, you can simply go to the
"Window > Activity" menu (in your web browser), from that list find the file
you want to download (the actual mp3 file), click on it (to select it), and then
hit "Copy". Now open "Window > Downloads" and hit "Paste" and it will begin
to download. The file itself will then be on your computer, wherever your
downloads normally land (typically in a "Downloads" folder) and can be put into
your iTunes or played however you play mp3 files.

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